1. What is ZONTO?

ZONTO is a multifunctional digital ecosystem. It includes set of software products, which combine business and customers.

Currently ZONTO has its own social network, rating of ICO projects, "Dating" and "Nearby" modules, platform for crowdinvesting, ZONTO e-cryptowallets and advertising network AdCrypto, which is specialized in websites about cryptocurrency.

2. What is “ZONTO Coin”?

ZONTO coin is a virtual currency that is used as a mean of payment only within ZONTO social network. It has many functions inside the system, for example, each “Like” you give to user also sends him 1 coin from your account. There is also a possibility to value post with any amount of coins you wish.

This way ZONTO users have opportunity to earn coins by posting high-quality content on their pages or inside groups they manage.

Also ZONTO Coins is used as the payment for any already existed and future paid services of the system.

3. What is “ZONTO Token”, and how it differs from “ZONTO Coin”?

“ZONTO Token” is a digital token which works on Ethereum Blockchain. These tokens were distributed by ZONTO OU company during ICO of the ZONTO project. Currently the direct payment of tokens is impossible, but they can be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges, for example Yobit by following link https://yobit.net/en/trade/zonto/BTC.

Also please note that “ZONTO Token” cannot be changed into “ZONTO Coin” and vice versa.

4. How ZONTO differs from the regular social network ?

ZONTO is much more than typical social network. ZONTO project is an ecosystem which has social network in its basis and which also has inside integrated different functional modules, this gives ZONTO opportunity to be a universal mechanism for interaction with modern digital world.

5. Is that possible to become a partner of ZONTO?

ZONTO has opportunity of integration for almost any service with the help of API. Contact the team through the email team@zonto.world and we will be delighted to negotiate the possibility to integrate your service inside ZONTO system.

6. Difference between “Like” and “Value”?

“Like” shows the amount of users, who has liked your post, at the same time “Value” shows how much “ZONTO Coins” it has received.

7. How to invite a friend (referral program)?

In the upper right-hand corner of the https://zonto.world page press the button “Invite Friends”, where you will find the invitation link.

You receive a reward of 250 ZONTO coins after your friend has registered by using your link.

8. How to create a group?

On the left hand side menu enter “Groups” section and press the button “Create group” (a white plus on the blue background). Please note, that you will spend 100 ZONTO Coins from your account to create a group.

Posting on the page has same conditions for both individual users and groups. Each day, user / group has the opportunity to publish 3 posts for free. Further, when adding a new post, that will cost 10 coins.

9. How can I earn ZONTO Coins?

You can post high-quality content, and each time a person gives you “Like” you will receive coins each time you receive like.

Moreover, each day after you log into your page, you will receive 10 coins. And do not forget about “Invite friend” referral system. If a person shares own referral link and after you friend registers by using this link and confirms his email, you will receive 250 coins, at the same time your friend will receive 125 coins.

10. How many coins I will spend if I press “Like” button?

By default, each “Like” costs 1 coin. However, you can give any amount of coins, to the post you like. For this, press the button “Value” and enter the amount of coins you wish.

11. How can I create an Ethereum wallet for myself?

After you complete registration inside ZONTO ecosystem. You get an Ethereum wallet automatically. There is no need in any extra actions.

To start using your wallet follow the link https://zonto.world/wallets

12. What does the Zonto wallet give me?

The personal Ethereum wallet in ZONTO allows users to easily transfer funds between users, without copying addresses, just write the username in the search box and send the necessary amount. This gives you an opportunity to pay online for services and products of ZONTO users without leaving your personal page.

Moreover, ZONTO company has a license for providing a virtual currency wallet services within the Estonia and the European Union, which gives the official right to issue virtual currency and to create a cryptographically protected wallet for its storage.

13. Where can I spend ZONTO coins?

Currently each user has such opportunities to spend ZONTO coins:

  • Like - 1 coin;
  • Post value - any amount available to user;
  • Group creation - 100 coins;
  • Making posts - 10 coins (yet each user has 3 free posts per day);
  • Premium Like in “Dating” module;
  • Buy any paid function of system.

Also in the development we have such opportunities to spend ZONTO coins:

  • Advertisement placing;
  • To pay for services and goods of ZONTO company partners;
  • To receive discount coupons;
  • To buy stickers and much more.
14. What is the map for?

Cartographic service is an integral part of ZONTO, on its basis will operate such functional modules as: nearby, dating, real estate, work, search of facilities etc.

While geolocation is turned on, the user will receives useful information, selected according to personal movements (for example, more convenient routes and actual search results).

15.What will happen if I block the user?

The blocked user won’t be able to:

  • write you in chat
  • write on your page
  • write comments below your post
  • to stay in your friend list (he will be shown in the list of blocked users
16. What is the Dating module?

This module is based on ZONTO social network. Dating module implements one of the main social network features and allows users of the site to create their personal profiles, find new friends by interests, have interesting and exciting interactive communication, find own love, new acquaintances or just have fun.

17. Dating module. Principles of work and communication.

Each participant, while registering inside ZONTO is invited to tell about himself in writing, upload a photo to his profile, choose the geographical location, gender and age of people with whom he would like to get acquainted and communicate.

All surveys on the site are checked by site administrators. After a successful verification user’s profile with a photo appears in the website’s search, and users begin to view the profile. The user can also scroll through the photos of candidates by clicking on "like / dislike". If sympathies match, it becomes possible to start chatting or continue the search.

ДThis module is conditionally free: the main functionality can be used without any fees, but there is always the possibility to buy additional (for example, the Premium package).

18. Likes, Dislikes, Premium likes in Dating module. What they do?

Like is an expression of sympathy for the person. If two users have expressed mutual sympathy, they will have the opportunity to continue chatting with each other.

Dislike is expressing absence of sympathy for the person and refuse to communicate with him/her. If you give a "dislike" to a person he/she automatically disappears from the list.

Premium like - gives the opportunity to send 10 ZONTO coins to a person your liked and notify him/her of your sympathy.