Before using Zonto online services and/or software, please read and accept the terms and conditions of the present Zonto Services Agreement. Proceeding to usage of specified online services and products, you hereby confirm that you have got acquainted with terms and conditions of the present agreement and agree with them.

Zonto Services Agreement


The present document “Zonto Services Agreement” is offer of Zonto World (hereinafter referred to as  the “Company”) to conclude an Agreement based on below terms and conditions.



In the present Zonto Services Agreement and for the Parties’ relationships resulting from or connected with it, the following terms and definitions shall be used: words and word combinations used in the present Agreement shall have the following meaning if otherwise is not determined by the sense of the text: 


1.1. Software package is website, hardware-software tools, Zonto mobile applications, databases mutually integrated into the complex structure.

1.2. User is a capable individual who joined the present Agreement for his own interest.

1.3. Business user is any user legally acting in his own name or on behalf and in the interest of a legal entity represented by him who uses Zonto Software and Online Services with the purpose to make an offer, to inform Users about provided works and services, products and goods as well as to participate in Zonto-Loyalty and to make other actions directed to obtaining direct or indirect benefits.

1.4. The Company’s Website / Website is internet site located at the domain addresses world and others.

1.5. The Company’s Applications / Applications are Zonto software intended for smartphones, tablets and other devices, pre-installed on the device itself or downloaded to it from application online stores like App Store, Google Play, etc.

1.6. Zonto Services are materials, facilities and instruments access to which is provided for the User via Software package.

1.7. Agreement is the present agreement with all its annexes and amendments.

1.8. License Agreement is a License agreement for usage of Zonto Software and/or Online Services placed in the Internet network at the address:

1.9. Confidentiality policy – Confidentiality policy provided in the Internet at the address:

1.10. QR-code is a unique identifier generated by Right holder’s soft hardware intended to provide connection of separate Zonto Online Service and Zonto Software as well as their connection with other software and services.

1.11. Personal Account is a personal Website section for which the User obtains access after the completion of registration and/or authorization on the Website. Personal account is intended to keep the User’s information, review of the Company’s statistics, news, making changes by the User in the reference data about the legal entity / individual entrepreneur whose representative the User is placed on the Register of the companies, to manage the Status, to receive notifications, to use interface of financial transactions, to participate in collective loyalty programs, to provide the Company’s advertising materials as well as to perform any other actions and to obtain additional information according to the Rules of providing advertising and information services using Zonto products and/or Rules of rendering services using separate Zonto services.

1.12. Status is a set of functional capabilities of the Software package to be chosen by the User using software in the Personal Account and on the Company’s Website.

1.13. Zonto Advisor Service is a service belonging to the Company allowing Users to exchange opinions and leave feedbacks regarding the products, works and services provided by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs or any business users of Zonto about whom information is contained on the website of the Company’s platform. 

1.14. Business Profile is a page of a business user about whom information is contained in the Catalog, including information about location, goods being produced and sold by him, services being rendered by him or works being performed by him placed on the website on Zonto platform with the purpose to inform Zonto Users about goods, works and services provided.

1.15. Zonto-Loyalty is a collective loyalty program for Zonto Users accepted by the business user on the profile page with information about discounts, cashback or other forms of loyalty placed by business user himself according to the rules provided on the website

1.16. Offer is a public proposal, advertising or informational message made by business user using Zonto services and distributed among other Users via Zonto Services displayed on business profile page. The offer is considered as a public offer agreement and it is binding for a user who placed it.

1.17. Geo Targeting is showing Offers to users physically located, according to data of mobile tracking, GPS tracking or another type of tracking or having IP-addresses of computers (or proxy-servers) on the Internet network referred to, according to the Company, to a certain geographic region.

1.18. Statistical data is an input of an automated information accounting system that may also contain, depending on the purpose of management system, information about quantity of showings, cost of services and other data relevant to Offers Placement as well as rendering Additional Services.

1.19. Services are the informational services: providing access to additional functional capabilities listed in the Company’s Price List and other services.

1.20. Price rates are the cost of services indicated on the Website in the Internet network at the address: and including description and cost of the Services and addition functional capabilities.

1.21. Content is an informational content of Zonto services (texts, graphic, audio and other information in any form, etc.) including content placed and/or published by the User

1.22. Map is an electronic map containing geo-informational data about geographic objects and destinations within a territory limited by certain geographic coordinates.

1.23. Catalog is an electronic database containing information about the objects on the Map and in business profiles.

1.24. Images are the photos or visual patterns explicitly attributed to the activities of business user information about whom is contained in the Catalog of organizations of certain territory connected with the organization’s profile available in the Catalog of organizations and places by the user on the website for the purpose of informing other Zonto Users about goods, works, and services provided by the organization.


The present Agreement may contain other terms and definitions not indicated in the Section 1 of the present Agreement. In this case, interpretation of such a term shall be made according to the text of the Agreement. In the absence of unambiguous interpretation of a term or definition in the text of the Agreement, it is necessary to be guided by its interpretation defined: firstly – by the Rules of the service, secondly – by the Confidentiality policy, thirdly – legislation of the Republic of Estonia, and thereafter – by customary business practices and scientific doctrine.



2.1 Usage of Zonto services by any method and in any form, within its declared functional capabilities, including viewing of placed materials (Content); registration and/or authorization on the Website / in the application; posting or displaying on the Website / application of any materials including, but not limited by texts, hypertext links, images, audio files, video files, information and/or other information (data) – is considered as expression of will to conclude an agreement based on terms and conditions of the present Agreement and License Agreement and Privacy Policy forming its integral part.

2.2 By using any of above mentioned possibilities of Zonto Services usage, you confirm that:

2.2.1. You have read the terms and conditions of the present Agreement, License Agreement, Privacy Policy and other documents located at the address  entirely before starting to use Zonto Services usage.

2.2.2. You accept all conditions of the present Agreement, License Agreement, Privacy Policy and other documents at the address in full scope before starting to use Zonto Services usage and without any withdrawals or limitations from your side and you are obliged either to observe them or to stop Service usage. If you do not agree with the conditions of the present Agreement, or you are not entitled to conclude an agreement based on them, you have to stop any Service usage immediately.

2.2.3. The Agreement (including any of its parts) can be amended by the Administration without any special notification. New version of the Agreement shall become valid from the moment of its publication on the Company’s Website or informing the User about it in any convenient form if other is not provided by new revision of the Agreement.



3.1. To use some Zonto services or single functional capabilities of Zonto Services, the User shall pass registration/authorization procedure on the Company’s Website or Zonto mobile application as a result of which a login account will be created.

3.2. List of Zonto Services, single functional capabilities of Zonto Services, usage of which requires prior registration and/or authorization, shall be determined by sole choice of the Company and can be amended from time to time.

3.3. To use a possibility to provide connection of some Zonto Services, their single functional capabilities and/or Software including their connection with other software and services, the User shall fulfill a number of the Company’s requirements list of which is provided in use rules of each particular service.

3.4. Technical, organizational and commercial conditions of Zonto Services usage, including its functional capabilities, can be informed to the User by separating publication on the Website or by notification of users.

3.5. During registration, the User if necessary is obliged to confirm his authorities to act on behalf of and in the interest of a legal entity represented by him, data about whom are contained in Zonto Software.

3.6. The User is not entitled to submit his login and password to the third parties and he is completely responsible for their safety choosing a way of its keeping by himself.

3.7. Any actions made using his login and password are considered to be made by relevant User, except cases when the User, in the order prescribed by the item 2.8 of the present Agreement, informed the Administration about unauthorized access of the third parties to the User’s login and password, their losses by the User. The User is solely responsible for all actions and their consequences within and/or in connection with Zonto Services use under his login account, including cases of submission of data for access by the User to the third parties based on any conditions.

3.8. In case of unauthorized access to the login and password, their loss or disclosure to the third parties, the User is obliged to inform the Company about it by sending an email from email address indicated in his login account on the Website. To provide safety, the User is obliged to perform safe logout under his login account after completion of each session of work with Zonto Services. The Company is not responsible for possible loss or damage of data as well as other consequences of any nature that can occur due to breach of the present clause of the Agreement by the User.

3.9. The Company is entitled at any moment to request from the User documents confirming data indicated by him during registration. In case of non-submission of confirming documents, the Company is entitled, at its own discretion, to lock or to delete the User’s login account and to refuse the User to use Zonto Services or their separate functions. In case if the User’s data indicated in the documents are not in conformity with data indicated during registration or don’t allow to identify User, the Company is entitled to deny User’s access to the Personal Account and Zonto Services use.

3.10. Information contained in the User’s login account shall be kept and processed by the Company according to the conditions of the Privacy Policy.

3.11. The User is entitled to delete his login account at any time on any Zonto Services using a relevant function in the personal section.

3.12. The Company is entitled to lock or to delete the User’s login account as well as to deny access using any login account to specific Zonto Services; to lock temporary possibility to post feedbacks on the website and to delete any content without explanation of reasons, also in case of breach by the User of terms and conditions of the Agreement mentioned in the Section 1 of the Agreement. 



4.1. The Company is giving registered and/or authorized User the right  of free and functional usage of software package based on conditions of ordinary (non-exclusive) non-assignable license within functional capabilities of the Service on the territory of all countries of the world.

4.2. The User is allowed to post (including broadcasting from external sources), to edit and to delete images, text, audio and video materials and other copyrighted items and (or) related rights items (hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) subject to observation of limitations and guarantees according to the Section 4 of the present Agreement.

4.3. The Company is entitled to set limits for the scope of the content published by the User as well as to set any other technical limits of software package use that will be informed to Users in form and by method at the Company’s discretion.

4.4. Usage of software package by other methods, including by copying (presentation) of the Content published on the Website / in the application and design elements contained in the software package, software for computers, its decompilation and modification are strictly prohibited.

4.5. The User has possibility to use a number of chargeable services list of which with prices is provided in the section “Prices”



Accepting terms and conditions of the present Agreement, you confirm and guarantee that:

You have all necessary rights and authorities to conclude an Agreement for Service use and to fulfill it;

5.1. Service usage shall be made exclusively for the purposes allowed by the present Agreement observing its provisions as well as requirements of the License Agreement , choice of law and customary practice;

5.2. You shall not make any action contradicting or preventing provision of the Service or work of relevant equipment, networks or software with help of which the Service is provided;

5.3. Yours usage of services for specific purposes does not breach property and / or personal non-property rights of the third parties as well as prohibitions and limitations set by applicable law including (without limitations): copyrights and relevant rights, rights for the trademarks, service brands and names of the places of goods origin, rights for industrial prototypes, rights for usage of people images; the Content you publish does not contain any information and/or images harming the reputation of and giving offence to the third parties as well as promoting violence, pornography, drags, racial or national enmity; and you have obtained all necessary permissions from authorized person in connection with the Content usage.




6.1. Accepting the terms of this Agreement, you provide to the Company free of charge an ordinary (non-exclusive) license for using the Content you have added (place or translate) to the Website of the Company, in the territories of all countries of the world .

6.2. The above-mentioned ordinary (non-exclusive) license for using the Content is granted to the Company simultaneously with the content added to the Software package for the whole effective period of exclusive rights for the objects of copyright and/or related rights forming such Content intended to be used in the territories of all countries of the world.

6.3. Within the ordinary (non-exclusive) license granted to the Company, the use of the Content is permitted in the following ways:

  • to reproduce the Content, i.e. to make one or more copies of the Content in any material form, and to record them in the memory of an electronic device (right to reproduce);
  • to distribute copies of the Content, i.e. to provide access to the Content reproduced in any material form, including network or other ways as well as by selling, leasing, renting out, loaning out, including importing for any of these purposes (right to distribution);
  • to display the Content in public (right of public display);
  • to perform the Content in public (right of representation and performance);
  • to publish the Content in such a way that any person can have access to it in the interactive mode from any place and at any time at own discretion (right for making available to the public);
  • to alter the Content, i.e. to remake or otherwise redevelop of the Content, including its translation to other languages (right to alter);
  • to have the right for transferring all or part of the received rights to third parties (right to sublicensing).

7. Limitations

Accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you aware and acknowledge the following:

7.1. Zonto Services are provided on an “as is” basis, therefore you have no guarantee that Zonto Services will meet your requirements; will be provided continuously, quickly, reliably and without errors; the results, which may be obtained by using Zonto Services, will be accurate and reliable; the quality of any product, service, information and other Content obtained using Zonto Services will meet your expectations; all errors of the Zonto Services software will be corrected.

7.2. Since Zonto Services are in course of continuous updating and adding new features, the form and nature of Zonto Services may be changed from time to time without prior notice to you. The Company has the right at its own discretion to terminate (temporarily or finally) access to Zonto Services (or certain individual features of Zonto Services) for all Users in general or you, in particular, without any prior warning.

7.3. The Company has no relation to the Content placed (including translated) by the Users on the Website and/or Applications; The Company doesn’t verify the contained information as well as its correspondence to the requirements of the applicable legislation and availability of the required scope of rights of Users to use it.

7.4. Despite the prohibition stipulated for using the Service you might receive Content, that you may find containing offensive or obscene information or in another form infringing applicable legislation.

7.5. The person who has created this Content and/or added it to the Website of the Company shall be liable for the Content and its correspondence to the applicable legislation .

7.6. If you discover any activity infringing your rights and/or interests with regard to the Service provision including Content placed by another User, you shall inform the Company. For this, you need to send a written notification to the Company with the detailed description of violation circumstances and a hyperlink to the Website page containing materials infringing your rights and/or interests.

7.7. If any claim by third parties arise with regard to the breach of any property and/or personal non-property rights as well as legal prohibitions or limitations you are obliged to go through a formal identification process at the request of the Company and undertake a commitment toward the Company to settle the arisen claims on your own and at own expenses indicating your passport details in order to transfer such information to the claimant.

7.8. If the Administration would receive a statement by a copyright holder about copyright infringement in the result of placing the Content on the Website by the User or following his instructions, the Company reserves the right to delete immediately any Content from the Website. At that, the Company undertakes no commitment to notify the User about deleting of the Content or settling the presumptive dispute or recovery of damages due to the above actions.

7.9. Due to the responsibility of information broker established by the legislation for placing and granting access to illegal Content, the Company reserves the right to delete immediately any Content from the Website. At that, the Company undertakes no commitment to notify the User about deleting of the Content or settling the presumptive dispute or recovery of damages due to the above actions.

7.10. In the event of the repeated or gross violations of terms and conditions of this Agreement, the License Agreement and/or legal requirements, the Company reserves the right to block your account totally, delete it or otherwise restrict (terminate) rendering the Service.

7.11. If the Company is brought to responsibility or imposed a penalty due to your infringements of rights and/or interests of third parties, as well as prohibitions or limitations established by the legislation, you have to completely compensate the Company losses including lost profit and procedural expenses.

7.12. The Company reserves the right to place advertising materials and links to other resources in the special blocks of the Website, at that the Company assume no liability for the advertising materials and accessibility of such resources, for Content within and for any consequences of using such resources, their Content or advertising.

7.13. The Company does not assume any liability for the violation you have committed or any harm or losses you have suffered under the above-mentioned circumstances.

7.14. The Company bears no responsibility for the use of generally accessible personal data of the Users by any person.

7.15. Prior to and within the period of offer placement, the Company has right to verify information indicated within including accuracy of the indicated address, phone numbers, website, conformity of goods (works, services) with content of the offer upon communication through the indicated contact details.

7.16. When revealing non-conformance of the offer to the Offer Regulations, advertising materials, announcements, and Content by means of Zonto Products the Company has the right unilaterally and at own discretion reject partially or completely placement of such offer or delete any content placed by the User.



8.1. You hereby agree to receive informative emails from the Company (hereinafter referred to as “the Notifiers”) about important events that would take place within the Website or related to it to the email address you have specified in your profile on the Website.

8.2. The Company hereby undertakes to use Notifiers solely for the informing purposes notifying the User about the capabilities of the Software Package and/or the Website of the Company and/or alterations of informational resources placed on it.

8.3. The Company hereby undertakes not to provide advertisements in the Notifiers from any third party.

8.4. You hereby agree to receive Push notifications to the devices with the installed Zonto Applications that contain Notifiers or advertising offer of Business Users.




9.1. Personal data of a User, shall be processed according to the Privacy Policy of the Company.

9.2. The registered User shall independently determine the conditions and procedure on using the created account (profile). However, such conditions and procedure under no circumstances shall not conflict with this

9.3. Applicable legislation. This Agreement, the procedure for the conclusion and execution as well as all issues that are not regulated hereby shall be governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

9.4. Arbitration Court. All disputes occurred out of or in connection with this Agreement are subject to review in court at the location of the Company in accordance with the current procedural law of the Republic of Estonia.

9.5. The Administration may unilaterally amend or terminate this Agreement without prior notice to a User or any compensation payment in this regard.

9.6. Agreement revision. The current revision of this Agreement is placed on the Company’s Website and available on the Internet at