Offer of paid services usage




 The words and phrases used in this Offer of paid services usage, except as otherwise directly provided in the context herein have the following meanings:


1.1. "Contractor" - Company Zonto World OU

1.2. "Service" - Zonto Services, i.e. materials, facilities, and tools, access to which is provided to the User by means of the Program complex.

1.3. "User" - any capable legal entity or full-aged individual (group of such entities and individuals) requesting the Service and having the technical capability  to obtain them.




Subject of relations between the Contractor and the User is the Service, as well as the settlements for its delivering and determination of a legal status and responsibility of the parties under the Agreement.




The Service consists of the following facilities, supported and delivered by the Contractor:

  • Zonto Offer Service
  • Advertisement Service
  • Zonto Push Service




The contractor shall render the Service at any time in a 24-hour period. The refusal in providing the Service might be caused by the circumstances as follows:

4.1. Providing Service can create a threat to the health and safety of people;

4.2. Providing Service is impossible in view of any physical, topographical and other natural obstacles;

4.3. The User does not agree with these conditions of delivering Service or does not timely effect payments for the Services;

4.4. The User makes attempts of hacking into or does any other harm to a system;

4.5. Providing Service was earlier terminated for a cause of infringement by the User of the Agreement;

4.6. Owing to emergence of circumstances beyond the parties’ reasonable control (force majeure).




5.1. The User is entitled to use the Service at own discretion at any time in a 24-hour period, and for any purposes, except those are prohibited by the legislation and legally enforcement enactments on the territory, where the Contractor acts, and expressly set out in the Paragraph 6 of the Agreement.

5.2. The User undertakes to comply with the Use Policy of the corresponding services, available at:




6.1. The service is provided in a 24-hour period daily, without a break, except for carrying out necessary preventive maintenance and repairs, which will be planned for time, when it could cause the least damage to the interests of the User.

6.2. The Service is provided "as is" and in the form in which it will be available at the time of rendering, at the same time no guarantees, neither direct or indirect, are provided though.

6.3. The Contractor does not give any guarantee that the Service will be provided uninterrupted or errors free, and that the software, received for using the Service, or any other materials do not contain any mistakes.

6.4. In no event the Contractor shall bear responsibility for the direct or consequential damage, caused to the User as a result of usage or impossibility of usage the Service, or incurred as the result of dependence on the facilities, rendering by the Service, or by means of the Service; or incurred as a result of errors or interruptions in work.

6.5. The Use, being not satisfied with the Service, conditions, rules, quality, its content or practice of delivering the Service has the exclusive right of the User - to determine usage of the Service.  However, mutual settlements of the parties are conducted according to the terms, stated in the Paragraph 5 of the Agreement.




7.1. The service is provided on a paid basis.

7.2. The prices for provided paid services are established in Euro.

7.3. Information on a current status of rendering service, in the form of duration its validity, is displayed in "a personal account" at the system server.

7.4. The Contractor may at any time change rates or charge new payments in addition to already existing with the prior notification of the User, sent to her/him at least in 15 (fifteen) days prior to the date, when these changes come into force. The notification is deemed a dispatch of the letter on the e-mail address, filled in by the User at registration.

7.5. The User is solely responsible for nondisclosure and the safety of her/his password.

7.6. The User also assumes responsibility for payment of all taxes, related to the use of the Service.

7.7. The User independently pays all expenses, related to connection of the Service (fee of Internet service providers, etc.).



8.1. While using the Service there is prohibited:

  8.1.1.To limit access of other Users or prevent other Users from using the Service.

   8.1.2. To make self-willed (unauthorized) penetration into any technology components (nodes), programs, databases and other constituent elements of a system.

  8.1.3. The Contractor reserves the right to send the informing notifications to the User by e-mail.

  8.1.4. The Contractor shall purposely not inspect or disclose to the third parties any information related to the User, yet has the right to use it for the improvement of functionality and quality of service.




9.1 The Contractor holds the right to terminate the access of the User to the Service or a part of the Service without a prior notice, if the User is involved in actions, which from the Contractor’s point of view are considered violating the Agreement.

9.2 The User undertakes to keep the Contractor free from engaging to act both as a defendant and a co-defendant in case of any liabilities and expenditures, connected with using the Service.